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    Verb "hype"

    I have tried to use "hype" in my sentences. Would you please correct my mistakes?

    1. The Prime Minister used every opportunity to hype his new fiscal policy.
    2. A film company has used millions of dollars to hype its new film.
    3. The young violinist is hyped up as one of the greatest of his generation.

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    Re: Verb "hype"

    I don't think you've got the meaning of 'hype' (which is informal). Its most common use is as a noun ("Don't believe the hype"); and "hyped up" is an adjective commonly used to refer to a heightened state: "After a concert I feell hyped-up, and have to wind down with a book for an hour or two before trying to go to sleep".

    A possible verb in 1 and 2 would be plug. A possible participle in 3 would be vaunted or fêted. In British English, that it.

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