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    has been studying/studied

    His eyes are so red. I think he . all morning.
    1. has been studying
    2. studied

    I know that #1 (present perfect continuous) would work well here. It implies that the studying was very recent.
    However, to my knowledge, #2 (simple past) would also be OK. There are many English teachers who disagree with me on this. They claim that "simple past" doesn't have this usage. Maybe they believe "He studied" sounds more like something that happened in the distant past, so it would not be the cause of red eyes today.
    What do you think? If you don't agree with me, please elaborate on the reason why you reject "simple past" here.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Simple past

    If the words are uttered in the afternoon, a past tense is possible, though I think the progressive form was studying ​is more natural. It emphasis the duration of the activity.

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    Re: Simple past

    I have changed your thread title.

    Extract from the Posting Guidelines:

    'Thread titles should include all or part of the word/phrase being discussed.'

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