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    in the finger of the night

    Hello everyone,

    Quoted from Out of Africa by Isak Dinensen,

    "If they walk together in bigger parties they will bring their own drum to the dance, and you hear it a long way away, like the throbbing of a small pulse in the finger of the night. And suddenly, to the ear that has not been listening for it, comes what is not so much a sound as a deep vibration of the air, the distant short roar of the lion."

    Author is writing about some African who is going to their drum festival. I do not understand what is "in the finger of the night". Please some member or teacher help me out.
    Thanks and have a nice weekend.

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    Re: in the finger of the night

    The analogy is to a pulse felt in your finger. It is "small" compared to the pulse you would feel on your wrist, or on your neck. Even smaller than the beat of the heart itself felt through the chest.

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