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    grammar problems

    hi good day everyone!

    i'v been teaching grammar for koreans for some time. however, i am often faced with difficulties of explaining things i didn't even think about. please help me with some of these difficulties such as:

    1. which is grammmatically correct?
    she has beautiful wavy short hair . or she has beautiful short wavy hair. ( what category does the adjective wavy belong to? --shape or condition?

    2. instead of saying " i've drunk four cups of coffee in an hour." my student thinks it is also possible to say...
    i've been drinking four cups of coffee for an hour.
    ( my student intends to emphasize the question " how long?"
    and how many cups at the same time) does the sentence make sense and is it grammatically correct?

    3. lastly, we ask the question " what do you think will happen?" i felt really stupid when i couldn't explain why it is not possible to say...
    what do you think it will happen ?
    please enlighten me.

    thank you so much and more power.

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    Re: grammar problems

    1. She has beautiful short wavy brown hair.

    observation: beautiful
    size: short
    shape: wavy
    color: brown

    2. I've been drinking four cups of coffee for an hour.
    => it means, you've been taking sips from four different cups of coffee for the past hour.

    3. What do you think it will happen?
    => 'What' is the subject of the verb 'will happen'. There should be only one subject per verb:

    You think what will happen?
    What will happen do you think?
    What do you think will happen?

    Hopes that helps.

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