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    in (the) workplace // be/get divorced from ...

    Hi -
    The following are from one of my grammar teacher's handouts. I found something wrong with a few sentences from it. I hope that you can help me with them. Thanks!

    1. Years after gender equality was emphasized, women are discriminated against not only in workplace but also in the society in general.
    →I think we should add the before workplace and delete the THE before society. Am I right?

    2. Once they are divorced from their husbands, they usually don't have ability to support themselves and children.
    →a. I think we should add the before ability. Am I right?
    b. Is "they are divorced from ..." used correctly? I find this a little odd. How about this?-they get divorced from...
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    Re: in (the) workplace // be/get divorced from ...

    1. Yes, you are right.
    2.a No, it should be 'the'.
    2.b No, the original is fine. After you get divorced you are divorced.
    Before 'children', there should be a 'their'.

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    Re: in (the) workplace // be/get divorced from ...

    Quote Originally Posted by z7655431 View Post
    I think we should add a "the" before ability. Am I right?
    Note my correction above. You can italicize the instead of surrounding it in quotation marks if you prefer.
    I am not a teacher.

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