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    Good afternoon! How are you? Thanks in advance:

    Here it´s my questions:

    1.- If I am listing, enumerating, can I omit the indefinite article?

    (a) New life, (a) new home, (a) new car...

    I am trying to say, for instance, I will have all this things
    in a future time but without using anything except nouns and
    adjectives. Or maybe, I´ve just got them right

    Should I use the indefinite article?

    2.- I am trying to be ironical, but I am not sure if I got it. Specially
    because I don´t know if I can use that 'Of course!´

    A woman says to her husband:

    'You always come back home... Late at night, of course!'

    Is that right?

    Thanks indeed!

    I love learning every day!


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    1. You can omit the article if you wish, especially if it's a long list.

    2. Irony is when you say one thing but you really mean the opposite. For example, it's pouring with rain and you say: "Lovely weather today."

    What you have there is sarcasm. Often sarcasm is ironic, but it doesn't have to be. Sarcasm is either a very exaggerated form of irony, or a comment designed to be hurtful. The wife might say: "I suppose you're going to tell me you were working late at the office last night." If she uses the correct intonation, it would be sarcastic. It would mean: "Don't think you can fool me with your usual lie."

    The "of course" isn't necessary for either irony or sarcasm, although it's often used for irony and sarcasm.

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