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  1. Julian

    Exclamation Question About Language Study

    Hi... I'm sorry, I am already a native speaker of English, but I have a question about learning two languages that I was hoping someone could help me with.
    I am going into 10th grade next year and over the summer I want to perfect the Latin I learned in 9th grade. However, I have been trying to learn Turkish for the past couple months as well (I'm going to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, my homeland, this coming August).
    Do you have any advice on how I can learn both of them without confusing myself? Like what kind of schedule should I have? Should I rotate the practicing each day (i.e., Latin, Turkish, Latin, Turkish, etc.) or every other day? I have no idea what to do and I want to maximize the time I have available.
    Thank you for any insight :)

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    Re: Question About Language Study

    Hello Julian

    I would identify two equivalent study periods, at different ends of the day. For instance, you might be able to study for an hour in the early morning, and an hour in the evening.

    I would then alternate as follows:

    Day 1
    Early: English to Latin
    Late: Turkish to English

    Day 2
    Early: English to Turkish
    Late: Latin to English

    (I base this on two facts: a) I am usually tired in the evening b) I find it easier to translate from another language into English than vice versa. Therefore it makes sense to reserve the "easier" option for the less productive period. You might be the opposite, though!)


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