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    took an interest

    1. I really enjoyed it and came to be interested in decorating about home.
    2. I really enjoyed it and took an interest in decorating about home.

    Which is more natural? 1 or 2? Do you use 1 a lot as well?

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    Re: took an interest

    Change "decorating about home" to something like 'home decoration'*. "Decorating about home" doesn't make sense. Aside from that small change, they're both natural and acceptable.

    Both of them presume that their was some prior discussion of home decoration, however. Otherwise either one is a bit of a non-sequitur.

    Edit: * or 'interior design'
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    Re: took an interest

    I'd use "interior decoration". I'd use "became interested in".

    I really enjoyed it and, as a result, I became interested in interior decoration.
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