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    Exclamation Thr Right Word

    Please tell me the right WORD
    Jump in the car.There is enough ...........for you

  1. sheena55ro

    Re: Thr Right Word

    SPACE is the right word here.

    There is enough space in this car.

  2. sheena55ro

    Re: Thr Right Word

    Dear DJUDIT,

    I understand you are from Romania and, although your first language is Hungarian, I hope you can speak Romanian too. So,..

    Deci, "space" este cuvantul corect , care se traduce chiar prin spatiu sau loc.
    ex: Este suficient loc in masina.

    Un sinonim relativ pentru space in aceata situatie este si cuvantul "room" care se poate traduce prin "loc", "spatiu" sau "camera".

    ex. There is enough room in here.

    Sper ca aceste cateva randuri sa te ajute.

  3. #4

    Please ckeck and my essay.

    Hi everyone! My name is Andriy. This is my first visit the web-site Using

    My First Day at Mount Hood Community College

    Everyone likes to be educated but not everyone likes to study hard. When I wanted something better for myself and the future of my family, I started at MHCC. I had a lot of problems, and I would like to show what I experienced my first week. When I came for the first time to the college, I was a little bit nervous because I didn't have a lot of friends, and my English was poor. My biggest surprise was when I saw a girl from my church. I asked her,"Olga what are you doing here?" She answered jokingly, "I am looking for romance." We both laughed. It was so nice to meet an old friend. She told me about her classes, how huge MHCC is, and how many students study here. She gave me good advice for the future and how I can pass tests and quizzes. Olga showed me where I could take the placement test. She was very helpful. After I took a placement test, I met with my adviser. He recommended that I register in class as soon as I could. I did all that he told me to do. After a couple of days I came for my first day of my classes and the parking a lot was so full. I decided to go the wrong way to get to the parking space that I saw. The moment I parked my car, the security officer gave me a ticket. I was so sad about it. But I was able to keep my parking space. I got to my class on time.
    When I first came to class, I didn't know how to write correctly, or how to speak, but my biggest problem was vocabulary. When I wanted to say something, I could not because I didn't know the word for it. Day by day I began to understand people around me. At the end I can say I learned a lot in my class. During my first week at MHCC I learned several things. I learned how to get information through the experiences of friends. I learned how important it is to leave enough time before class and lastly how expensive the cost of mistake is. I will never forget how I got here!
    Thank you for your correction.

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