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    your steady rockiní

    Does "your steady rockin’" mean "your steady psychology"?
    And "field haters" means "expose haters"?

    Tip #6: Rise above, or at least fake it. Even if you have steam coming out your ears, there are two reasons not to counterattack. Instead, by staying civil, even thanking your critic, you’ll accomplish two things. One, it will appear as if you are unscathed by rude comments and anyone witnessing this will be impressed with your steady rockin’. It’s a rare individual who can field haters without hate. Two, you’ll simply feel proud of yourself. You’ll stand tall instead of stooping to the their level.

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    Re: your steady rockiní

    1. If someone is impressed with your steady rockin', they are impressed by the way you control your emotions and behaviour.

    2. If you "field haters without hate", you deal with them without hating them.

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