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  1. a.laura

    Lightbulb text about a girl


    I wrote this and I would like to know if when you read it, you understand it and if it is Ok. Thank you.

    'Marie is as ugly as sin. Her thick,crinkly, long black hair heavily falls down to her shoulders and surrounds her inexpressive, square-shaped face. An excessive suntan usually highlights her rough complexion. Her extremely straight dark brown eyebrows draw attention to her popped brown eyes, which reminds me of a frog in a rainy day. Her eyes are too large, with short eyelashes. Her snub nose shows large nostrils that resemble two holes in the ground. A greasy big spot on the left side of her mouth adds to her unattractiveness. And her mouth! It is a small mouth that looks ordinary and masculine. Her lips are too thin; her badly applied light pink lipstick adds ridiculousness to her appearance. When she smiles, which is not often, her crooked yellow teeth make her face seem even more horrific. There is nothing but extraordinary ugliness in the face of Marie.


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    Re: text about a girl

    in a rainy day- on
    shows large nostrils- maybe exposes? reveals?

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