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    The word FAME and the adverb JUST

    hI! How are you?

    E.X.He is hungry for fame and he just gets it(=fame) cheating

    My questions:

    1.- I know there´s a verb to mean get fame which is
    get ahead, not?.

    But, can I use 'get fame' instead of that one?
    Well, i really used the pronoun 'it'´cause I said
    'fame' before.

    2.- Is ´just´used correctly here to mean
    'cheating is the only way for him to get fame'?
    Or should I use another adverb?

    Thanks a million!


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    Re: The word FAME and the adverb JUST

    1- It doesn't work with 'gets fame' for me, but with the pronoun, it's fine, though I'd say 'gets it by cheating'. 'Just' is fine- it doesn't have to mean 'only' here, but is a way of emphasing the negative view of the way he gets it- it shows how little he cares.


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