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    Smile "Missing"

    My co-workers and I have odd conversations on a daily basis and today our conversation was about the phrase "They went missing" in reference to a person or group of persons missing. We do not believe it sounds correct. At any rate, I'm very bothered by the fact that I majored in English and can define what "They" and "went" in the sentence are (noun, verb) but for the life of me I cannot define what "missing" would be. Can anyone out there help? Thanks!

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    Re: "Missing"

    Hello Stanggurl

    1. They went missing.

    I would take "missing" as a predicative adjective: it functions as a "subject complement" (i.e. it tells us more about the subject, "they").


    2. He seems rather strange.
    3. I became anorexic.
    4. You look puzzled.

    Does that make it seem any less alien?



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