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  1. lhany

    Amirecan Folklore

    Dear Teacher ,

    How are you, I was reading this American folklore story but could not
    understand its moral

    The Black Cat's Message

    I started down the road, hoping to get home before dark since I had not brought a lantern with me. I rounded a corner and saw a group of black cats standing in the middle of the road. They were nearly invisible in the growing dark.

    As I drew nearer, I saw that they were carrying a stretcher between them. I stopped and rubbed my eyes. That was impossible. When I looked again, the stretcher was still there, and there was a little dead cat lying on it.

    I was astonished. It must be a trick of the light, I thought. Then one of the cats called out, "Sir, please tell Aunt Kan that Polly Grundy is dead."

    One more question what is meant by " I rounded a corner" ?

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    Re: Amirecan Folklore

    The term rounded the corner, could also be expressed this way

    As I came around the corner.

    I'm not sure that this little story has a moral. A talking cat! Ha

    Black cats are associated with bad luck, which is a superstition, like breaking a mirror gives you seven years of bad luck. Hope this helps



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