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    I can understand your compulsion


    Is ''I can understand your compulsion'' correct?

    In my language, it's common, but I think it's not common in English. ''I can understand your problem'' is used in English. However, ''problem'' and ''compulsion'' are two different things. What should I say when someone has to do or is forced to do something and I say ''It's OK. I can understand your compulsion''.

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    Re: I can understand your compulsion

    I wouldn't use it. I would use something like I understand (that) you have to/are obliged to do this. Your original sentence sounds to me more like an internal drive/obsession that makes the person act in this way.

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    Re: I can understand your compulsion

    You might use urge​.
    I'm not a teacher. I speak American English. I've tutored writing at the University of Southern Maine and have done a good deal of copy editing and writing, occasionally for publication.

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