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    indicate my own observations in scientific writing (as an indirect quote)

    How to indicate my own field research: (own interviews, 10-16th Feb. 2012) OR (personal interviews, 10-16th Feb. 2012) / (own observations, 13th Feb. 2012, 9:12 am) OR (personal observations, 13th Feb. 2012, 9:12 am) OR another, better solution?

    I have to indicate the data I have researched my self on site in a longer text where I also mention additional data with indirect quotes, for example, '(Eglash, 1999, 34)'.
    Is 'own' the correct expression or is 'personal' better? I have heart that usually, you should always say 'my' own and not just own... but this would be no option because we are told not to use the first person for scientific writing

    any reply would be really helpful!

    What about just (author's observations, date).
    Something like (the author's own observations, ...) and (author's personal observations, ...) would be quite long and distract in a running text.

    It would, for example, look like this:
    ... The fertile rainy season has turned out to be as critical for the project as the harsh dry season, although trees receive natural irrigation and domestic animals do not run free in the village during this time (author’s interviews, Sept. 2015/OR: own interviews, Sept. 2015/OR: personal interviews, Sept. 2015). Land use is an issue that especially contributes to the loss of trees. According to ZEFP Walewale (Agongo, 12th Sept. 2014), the complex understanding of land ownership represents a key difficulty for communal initiatives. The local conception of land contains ambiguous components which reach back far into the history of the Mamprusi (Drucker-Brown, 1993, 533). ...

    [of course I could just say (author, date) but I would like to indicate the method as I have done interviews, observations and spatial analyses]

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    Re: indicate my own observations in scientific writing (as an indirect quote)


    How should I indicate...?

    The word "myself" is one word.

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    Re: indicate my own observations in scientific writing (as an indirect quote)

    I would treat your text the same way as other references, so I would use author/date.

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