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Thread: "Equal to"

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    "Equal to"

    Hello Everybody

    My question: is it possible to apply the term "equal to" for words in the sense which the words are synonym in different languages?

    For instance, is my text is correct:
    In Arabic philosophical texts, there are some words which are originally from Greek sources and finding equal words to them in English is possible. Nonetheless some notions are developed independently and there are not exact equivalent words of them.


    The term Jawhar in Arabic is equal to "substance" in English. (I mean it is synonym or equivalent )

    Thank in advance

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    Re: "Equal to"

    No. You have used the appropriate word - ​equivalent.

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    Re: "Equal to"

    I would say "equivalent," too. You could also use "corresponding."

    You don't have to say "to them." It's understood.
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