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Thread: song lyrics

  1. yvonne2345

    song lyrics

    hey you!
    I'm german and i just want to ask someone if i get some song lyrics right...
    It's about coldplay's "scientist"...->
    Come up to meet you, tell you I'm sorry
    You don't know how lovely you are
    I had to find you
    Tell you I need you
    Tell you I set you apart
    Tell me your secrets
    And ask me your questions
    Oh let's go back to the start
    Running in circles
    Coming up tails????
    Heads on a silence apart????
    Nobody said it was easy
    It's such a shame for us to part
    Nobody said it was easy
    No one ever said it would be this hard
    Oh take me back to the start
    I was just guessing
    At numbers and figures
    Pulling your puzzles apart????
    Questions of science
    Science and progress
    Do not speak as loud as my heart
    Tell me you love me
    Come back and haunt me
    Oh and I rush to the start
    Running in circles
    Chasing our tails????
    Coming back as we are???? i guess i get the gist of it, but i'm not quite sure. and especially the lines with question marks i don't really understand...
    it would be very, very, VERY kind of you to help me get it!!!

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    Re: song lyrics

    Hello Yvonne

    Here are a couple of answers maybe other members will have some ideas too:

    "Coming up tails" is a reference to tossing a coin. (When you toss a coin, it's either "heads" or "tails".)

    "Chasing our tails": young animals sometimes chase their own tails. It's a metaphor for "doing something pointless".

    Good luck!


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