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    THE USAGE OF the verb MIND

    Hi!. It´s me again!

    1.- Do you mind if I smoke?

    2.- Do you mind me smoking?
    3.- Do you mind my smoking?

    My questions:
    a) Are all of them correct?
    b) Between 2 and 3, which one would be better to use?
    Is there any difference between choosing 'me' or 'my'?

    If I gave you an answer to those three questions,
    this one could be:

    'I don´t mind IT because I love smoking'

    Should I use the pronoun 'it' or not?

    Thanks a lot!


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    Re: THE USAGE OF the verb MIND

    You can use all three. Technically, 'my smoking'is preferred by strict grammarians, but the majority of native speakers use 'me'. Formally, it makes sense to use 'my' to show that you know this rule.

    In the answer, I would drop the pronoun.

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