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    be home to / be homes to

    Here is a sentence from our textbook: The forest is home to thousands of animals, birds and insects.
    I would consider "home" as an abstract noun, so it is not in plural form---"homes" though it is followed with countable nouns in large numbers.

    But, I wonder if we still have to use "home" in the following sentences, for example,

    Trees are _______ to a lot of animals and birds.

    And I also want to know what factors decide the number of the "home" in the sentence pattern.

    I will appreciate your help anyway.

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    Re: be home to / be homes to

    Yes, it's 'home' singular. It's true that trees are the homes of lots of animals and birds. But I'm not sure why you accept your first sentence and not the second. The meaning/usage is the same.

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