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    which one is correct ' i have been born - i was born '


    I searched about this and I found this

    but I didn't understand because one of member said 'Have been' shows the cotinuity of action from a mentioned point of time (between two points of time)

    but when we don't want to show the time we use present perfect like I have been to Italy
    so it's not (between two points of time)

    So I want to know which one is correct and why 'I have been born - I was born'

    if you see any mistake in the subject like grammar plz tell me

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    Re: which one is correct ' i have been born - i was born '

    Remember that capital letters are necessary for proper English sentences. You used "I" correctly but you started your sentences with lower-case letters. Also, please avoid "chat" words like "plz" and write it out as "please."

    Present perfect doesn't always mean that something continues up to today.
    It can mean something that happened in the past that could happen again in the future: I've eaten at that restaurant. I've been to London.
    It can mean something that happened in the very recent past: Did you hear? The president's been shot!
    I can mean something that happened in the past that is relevant to the discussion you are having right now: Oh, I've encountered that error. Press F5.

    You can't use it with a specific mention of a time in the past. You can't say "I've been to London three weeks ago."

    You will not be born again.
    I suppose in a cartoon, you could draw a little baby thinking "Yea! I've finally been born after nine months of waiting!" but in real life, it has no practical use.
    I'm not a teacher, but I write for a living. Please don't ask me about 2nd conditionals, but I'm a safe bet for what reads well in (American) English.

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