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    Why 'the Czechs" and not 'the Czech

    I was hoping you could help me with this confusion of mine.
    Could you, please, tell me why in the following text 'the Czech' ends in 's'?
    The text is about a survey which took place sometime ago.
    'The Czechs and Argentinians thought of themselves as bad-tempered and unfriendly, but they turned out to be among the friendliest of all nationalities.'
    Is this because only a few of them (not the whole country) took a part in the survey?
    Or is there a new rule which I don't know about? We don't say now 'the Czech'?
    The text is from 'New English File' so there should be some meaning in that?
    Thank you in advance
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    Re: Why 'the Czechs" and not 'the Czech

    'Czechs' ends in -s for the same reason 'Argentinians' does - they are plural forms. The Czechs (= the Czech people) and (the) Argentinians (= the Argentinian people) who took part in the survey thought of themselves ... .

    The singular form 'the Czech' has never been used to refer to more than one Czech.

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    Re: Why 'the Czechs" and not 'the Czech

    It also refers to the people who were surveyed, not all of the Czech people.

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