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    A playful reply to "thank you"

    We have a phrase used to poke a little fun at people who say "thank you" too often or in situations which don't require doing it. Frequently used between people same age or that are already acquainted to each other. It goes: "don't thank me, I will make you return the favour working my field". Is there an equivalent and similar saying in English or how would a native word it not to be offensive, just playful, to make both sides laugh. Thanks ;).

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    Re: A playful reply to "thank you"

    I can't think of an exact equivalent- we do say that there's no need to thank us, but that doesn't imply that the person is too ready to say thanks.
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    Re: A playful reply to "thank you"

    I tend to reply "It's 3€" in jest to such people, but they still continue to say "thank you" profusely.

    PS: So far, nobody has ever paid. If they ever start, I'll never have to work again!
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