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    Ask questions based on quotes

    Hello there,

    Would you kindly correct the following (questions) for any errors?
    Thanks so very much!



    1.The identified quotes from Blazing Guns (The Star, June 12, 2006, pg. 1 and pg. 6) and questions asked based on the quotes:

    Direct quotes:

    (a)“They opened fire immediately after alighting from their vehicles, forcing us to take cover,” said a guard, who declined to be named. (pg. 1, forth column, last paragraph)

    Question: What had triggered the robbers to open fire, and what happened after that?

    (b)“One of them had a rifle, while the others were armed with pistols,” he said. (pg. 6, second column, forth paragraph)

    Question: What types of guns were the robbers armed?

    Indirect quotes:

    (a)Selangor CID chief SAC II Datuk Hadi Ho Abdullah said the robbers took a total of RM2.32mil from the van. (pg. 6, second column, first paragraph)

    Question: I heard the robbers carted away seven bags of cash. Approximately how much money was taken?

    (b)He said initial investigations showed there were eight to 10 robbers and all of them were armed. (pg. 6, second column, third paragraph)

    Question: How many robbers were involved? Were they all armed?

    2.Questions I would ask if I were to interview the individuals:

    • Did the Rexton that was left behind leave any early clues to the Police?
    • Was the armoured van unlocked in the first place? Otherwise how did the robbers get to open the doors and grab away the cash within only several minutes?
    • Did the robbers escape uninjured?
    • Did any guards get hurt during the exchange of fire?
    • What happened to the guard who was pistol-whipped on the head?

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    Re: Ask questions based on quotes

    forth- fourth
    What types of guns were the robbers armed *with*?
    leave any early clues- give the police any early leads
    pistol-whipped on the head- on the head is unnecessary

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