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    increased fellowship

    A desire for increased fellowship and cooperative efforts among those who shared a core doctrinal commitment led by Pastor Herman Reich of Evansville, IN, to host a conference for pastors in September of 1944. This marked the birth of the Grace Gospel Fellowship, founded “to provide a fellowship among those who believe the truths contained in the doctrinal statement, and to promote the gospel of the grace of God throughout this land and throughout the world.” Among the many pastors instrumental in the founding of the GGF were J.C. O’Hair, Charles F. Baker, Cornelius R. Stam and Harry Bultema.
    In the above passage, does increased fellowship mean the increase of the number of fellowship members?
    I need native speakers' help.

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    Re: increased fellowship

    No. It means closer association and a higher level of cooperation.
    I am not a teacher.

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