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    IELTS Reading Question


    I'm preparing for the IELTS reading test. On my previous exercise, I've met a problem about the passage's detail question. Question no. 35, in the second picture, asks about a detail in paragraph C, which is shown by the first picture (the upper section of it) and the second picture (the lower section of it).
    In the second picture, it says that hypnosis can boost what mental imagery does. So my answer for question no.35 is D, however the true answer is A. Could you please explain why it is A? (The book, Official IELTS Practice Materials, does not explain this)
    The first picture:
    The second one:

    Thank you
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    Re: IELTS Reading Question

    Look at the second sentence in Paragraph C (line 3). That shows the purpose of the experiment.
    Spiegel and Kosslyn wanted to see if subjects could set off the circuit by visualising colour while under hypnosis.

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