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    Is it ok to use "sense" instead of "smell" in some cases?

    I passed IELTS listening test with the score of 39/40, and here's what got my attention:
    Section 4, complete the notes below, no more than two words for an answer
    Advertising effect
    Question 33
    -Mandy's Candy Store appeals to people's sense of draw in customers.
    Here's the recording transcript: ..Did you know that your sense of smell is closely linked with memory? Think about Mandy's Candy Store up the road. Every time you walk past it, you can just smell the chocolate, right? I bet you can almost smell it now...
    The correct answer is "chocolate". However, some people say that the answer must be "smell". But if so, is it even correct to use sense instead of smell? Like sense of chocolate...?
    link for the test on YouTube:

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    Re: Is it ok to use "sense" instead of "smell" in some cases?

    Only smell is possible there.
    I am not a teacher.

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