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    Post Could you please correct my draft. I am trying to write a grievance

    On April 2013 I was phished and hacked on my cellphone and computer. Since then I havenít been able work and I have been abuse by law enforcement, and in the health care area by the physician and by the health care workers. Due a mistaken identity, I have suffered embarrassment, I have received call from people telling that they have seen my porno video and offered me a little money in exchange of sex. I didn't do any porno video and I didn't offer sex on my ad. I have my ad with my detailed skill as a nurse posted online, I used to get private patient through my ad. Because I havenít been able to work due a mistaken identity, seven of my credit card have been canceled and my credit have been ruined. My credit score is 507.
    On October 29, 2015 I was arrested against my will and handcuffed by two officers from the sheriffís department and I was forced to remain in the Pacifica Hospital of the Valley until November 3, 2015.
    They took me first to LAUSC Medical Center on 2051 Merengo street.LA 90033. I was sedated by force by two male nurses. When I woke up, I was in the Pacifica Mental Hospital of the Valley were I was overmedicated. I was in the hospital for 6 days, and I had to claim for patient right to get released from the hospital. As a result of this arrest, I was deprived of my salary and I have lost my job and income $2400 per month. I have been recently able to work taking care a private patient after a long period of unemployment due to the identity theft.
    After my release from the Hospital, I called my credit cards companies, American Express and Capital one, the only credit card that it was left, after the identity theft. Both credit cards was under another personís name with another address. I cancelled both and they send me a new credit card and reduced my credit. I had $3000 credit limit before and they sent me the new one with $1000 credit limit. Now I am not able to buy a computer because I donít have credit.
    On November 16, 2015 I was robbed and vandalized in my house. My clothes, and shoes was destroyed, my cellphone and money was stolen.
    On January 28, 2016 I called 911 around 5 pm because I thought that I was poisoned, I was with temperature, blurred vision and terrible stomach ache. The ambulance took me to the Glendale Memorial Hospital to the emergency room. They took urine and blood example. While I was waiting for the result of the laboratory exam, the nurse told me that I will die, I remained calm and preyed.
    Around 11 pm the nurse told me that I will be transferred to another room. They transferred me to the psychiatric unit, were I was over medicated and detained for 14 days.
    I claimed for patient right, they denied my claim. I request court hearing. In the court hearing was Wilbur, and Alexanian the physician who was treated, and two woman. They didn't take me serious and denied my claim. I suffered for their abuse for 14 days overmedicated, without
    proper hygiene, my skin and my hair was deteriorated because they didn't allow me to use my beautycare or my own champu. My appearance was changed, I looked as an homless. I continued claimed for patient right. Finally I was released on February 11, 2016.

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    Re: Could you please correct my draft. I am trying to write a grievance

    It's sad that you've had to go through all that, Cristina. But it seems that you've had your time in court, and what sounds like a Mental Health Tribunal. Your English is quite understandable. I don't think that will be a drawback. But who are you intending to complain to?
    It seems that you need someone like a social worker, or legal aid, who understands the process you intend to go through with this grievance to help you make your case.
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