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    Smile Writing essay - Is advertising good or bad for us?


    If you have a couple of minutes, please help check my TOEFL writing essay below for grammatical or language use mistakes. If you have suggestions how to make it sound fancier, I really appreciate that.

    Thank you very very much in advance.

    Is advertising good or bad for us?

    To me, the word “advertising” is reminiscent of an irritating experience when I was enjoying my favorite movie on TV, then all of a sudden, advertising cut that off. However, as I got to know the fact that this world revolves around products and services being sold, I see the importance of advertising. In my opinion, advertising is a good thing because it provides many free things and also the stimulus to business.

    Many things that people enjoy for free today are made possible thanks to advertisements. For example, most web sites survive solely on the funding from advertisements. Also, many TV programs that are freely available, such as cartoons, movie series, sports, are paid by advertisements. Therefore, a big part of our lives gets the benefits from advertisements. To some extent, we take that for granted and complain of advertisements being nuisances as they seem to be present everywhere: on TV, newspapers, street banners, football stadiums, web sites, and so on. However, if we think for a minute of how these advertisements make the world go round and imagine how life would be if there were no advertisements. Obviously, we would have to pay a lot.

    In essence, advertisements make products and services known by a broader spectrum of audience. As a matter of fact, business would not work at all without advertisements as a stimulus. Every trade needs customers, the more people know about a company and its offerings, the higher possibility for it to thrive. Hence, advertisements come naturally as part of the business process, and they have to be as accessible by as many people as possible. Imagine, if there is a new shop opened on the high street, unless a person lives in close proximity to that area, he would not know about that shop without advertisements.

    After all, advertising simply calls for some attention from us, which is annoying sometimes, but on top of that, many good things it provides that many people do not see. To a certain degree, people all have to exchange a little nuance that does not matter at all most time for a much more good thing. Even though, there are always the other side of the coin but we have to think what it is.

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    Re: Writing essay - Is advertising good or bad for us?

    Suppose Aldi (a low cost grocery chain) would decide that they could save money by eliminating their advertising budget. How long do you think it would take before they would go out of business?

    The first thing you should do is decide who "us" refers to. If it refers to those businesses that depend on advertising in order to stay in business then yes, advertising is good for them.

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