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    The verb ┤dissect┤

    Hello! how are you?

    E.X I will dissect the frog.

    I mean I will cut the skin of the frog to see what is inside.

    1.- Is the verb ┤dissect┤used correctly here to mean that?

    2.- I took a look at the dictionary and I found
    'analyse' as a synonym for dissect, what
    I am afraid it┤s not true.
    Can I use it to mean what I said above?

    Thanks indeed!

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    Re: The verb ┤dissect┤

    The primary usage of "dissect" is as you mentioned in the frog example - it is the procedure of cutting open lab specimens and examining the insides.

    "Dissect" can also be used to mean "analyze" (technically speaking, you're still "cutting into" and "looking at" the item being dissected). For example: "The television broadcaster spent 20 minutes dissecting the president's speech."

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