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    given his outlook

    Hi There;
    My article has taken from the Economist, "Putinís war on the West". The context of the passage is Mr Vladimir Putin's (Russian president) struggle against the western countries, especially with NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization, western defence allegiance ), EU and USA.

    From his tantrums over the Middle East to his invasion of Georgia and multiple misadventures in Ukraine, Mr Putin has sometimes seemed to stumble into accidental disputes with the West, driven by a paranoid fear of encirclement. In hindsight it seems that, given his outlook, confrontation may have been inevitable. Either way, the contest he insists on can no longer be dodged.
    What is the meaning of "given his outlook" in this context? Could you please explain? Thanks in advance.
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    Re: given his outlook

    ' view of/considering his attitude'

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