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    the same level of perceived effort

    In 2001, researchers at Wayne State University asked a group of college volunteers to exercise for twenty minutes at a self-selected pace on each of three machines: a treadmill, a stationary bike, and a stair climber.Measurements of heart rate, oxygen consumption, and perceived effort were taken throughout all three workouts. The researchers expected to find that the subjects unconsciously targeted the same relative physiological intensity in each activity. Perhaps they would automatically exercise at 65 percent of their maximum heart rate regardless of which machine they were using. Or maybe they would instinctively settle into rhythm at 70 percent of their maximum rate of oxygen consumption in all three workouts.But that's not what happened. There was, in fact, no consistency in measurements of heart rate and oxygen consumption across the three disciplines. Instead, the subjects were found to have chosen the same level of perceived effort on the treadmill, the bike, and the stair climber.

    I can't find the difference between the two underlined. Did the subjects actually make the same level of effort for each of 3 areas or not?

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    Re: the same level of perceived effort

    It means that the participants thought that they were putting the same amount of effort into the 3 different pieces of exercise equipment but the actual results (heart rate and oxygen consumption) told a different story.
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