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    The rest of my text for my exam

    Please find here the rest of the text to correct :

    Another consequence of the self made man myth is the glorification of wealth because the social achievement is only reflected by money you have to flaunt. A famous expression in American language is to “make money”. Fitzgerald had dealt with this theme in his novel the Great Gatsby. This extract describe a party done by the principal character, Gatsby, a wealthy man in the 20’s which have make his fortune by blurred means, notably thanks to bootlegger activities. He can be considered as a self made man because he always reached to recover his money even after having lost everything. His party shows the shallowness of his guests, who acting as in a theater play. They aren’t interesting in each other, and they are only interesting in Gatsby about his fortune and the way he made fortune. The rest of the novel is even more critic about this materialist society, because Gatsby who had for him the money and social achievement isn’t happy. He can’t buy the true value of life, love.

    Self-made men climbed up the rungs of the social ladder and moved from rags to riches. thanks to their hard work. They are admired for stimulating economic vitality; to offer innovation to society. But the other side of the coin reveals us that the American work ethics also meant to turn a blind eye on poverty and rough working condition of those who “failed”. In a nutshell, if self-made men can be synonym of personal progress and that their achievements contribute to technical progress it is not a guarantee of global social advance. Moreover, the glorification of money can make our life appears more superficial, which even call into question the benefit of success on our self-fulfilment.

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    Re: The rest of my text for my exam

    As stated in the forum rules, we cannot help with homework, assignments or any piece which will be used in an exam. The English you produce must be your own work.

    Thread closed.
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