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    In adult life Leibniz was capable of hatching half a dozen brilliant crackpot schemes in a week. These could range from a submarine to an entirely new form of clock, from a revolutionary lantern to a coach as fast as a modern car (when the roads were still only rutted tracks).

    Philosophy in an Hour, Paul Strathern

    What do you think "coach" here means? And what about rutted tracks? I don't really know their meanings for sure. How can I know which coach is he talking about? The one with horses? Or the railroad? Or a bus? (I don't think it's about this one because this book is about Leibniz, and he lived in the 17th century)
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    Re: Coach

    The coach in question is a horse-drawn carriage, and the rutted tracks are cut into a dirt road.

    Write What do you think "coach" means here?
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    Re: Coach

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