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    I am studying a paper and According to the following sentences and picture, I want to know that the strong downward flow is created by separation vortex or separation vortex is created by the strong downward flow???

    Figure 11 shows an illustration of the flow structure obtained by
    the present numerical simulation. At high angles of attack a separation vortex(2) appears on the blade suction surface in the hub
    side to reduce the blade circulation, because of the excessive
    angle of attack near the hub. A strong downward flow(3) is induced by the separation vortex near the trailing edge. It brings
    about the clockwise vortical wake flow(4a)
    , which enlarges the
    flow separation on the adjacent blade suction surface(4b).


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    Re: induced

    The vortex creates the flow. The flow is induced by the vortex.

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