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    Please, can you help me?

    Can you tell me are these sentences correct ?
    1.Three movies were made in Austria.
    2.Their house was built ten years ago.
    3.I can not go with you.I have too many e-mails to write.
    4.I like places where sun always shining.
    5.You do not have to help me.I can do it by myself.
    6.If she found that book,she would buy it.
    7.He would watch movie if he went to the cinema.
    8.Dad was very happy when he saw that we had washed his car.
    9.While i was leaving the house i heard a noise.
    10.Next Saturday we are going to see U2-we have bought tickets.
    11.Look.someone has broken that window.
    12.He was lying on the ground,but no one helped him.
    13.I am tired.I have been working for 2 hours.
    14.Did you use to play football.
    I had a test yesterday but i can not wait Friday to see results.Thanks

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    Re: Please, can you help me?

    I'm afraid you will have to wait for your results before we can help you with anything you got wrong and can't understand why.


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