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    Smile People knowing his business

    Hello. Would you please explain what "business" means in this context?
    Does it mean "People who know about his special talent"? Thank you.
    (In the story, Archie is called a book whisper, which means he can talk to magical books.)

    ----from a children's book, Archie Green and Alchemist's Curse by D. D. Everest
    Archie stared at the man. He and Hawke obviously knew each other well. Hawke had never mentioned working at the asylum.
    Or had he been a patient? Perhaps Hawke's magical ability had unbalanced his mind? Perhaps it was a burden for all those who had magical ability.
    The head of Lost Books shook his head. "I am well, Rumold. No thank you."
    "Then what, my old friend?" said Rumold.
    Hawke gave a thin smile. "This is Archie Greene," he said.
    "Ah, the book whisperer," said Rumold.
    Archie gave him a sharp look. He didn't like it that everyone he met was so fascinated by his unusual talent.
    People knowing his business made Archie uncomfortable.
    Perhaps they expected him to end up in the asylum, too.

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    Re: People knowing his business

    Business = personal information, personal thoughts, personal activities.

    - People knowing personal things about Archie made him unhappy.
    - Archie didn't like people knowing things about him.
    - Knowing about Archie wasn't anyone else's business.
    - Archie was unhappy that people knew he was a book whisperer.
    - Knowing about Archie's talents was his business, not anyone else's.

    Common use of "business":

    - Me: How much did you pay for that haircut?
    - You: None of your business!
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