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    Unhappy take the other person's inventory?

    Again, I have several questions.

    1. they don't want to take the other person's inventory. what does it mean?

    2. emotioan abuse, for example, withholding affection, exclusionary behaviour... what does the underlined part mean>

    3. selecting a partner who is capable of loving and being responsible in the relationship is more than half the battle.
    what does it mean by more than half the battle?

    4.experiment with problem-solving, working through situations where you disagree, trying new things you haven't done together.what does this sentece mean? can you paraphrase it for me? please!!!!

    5.But be careful not to make the mistake of an isolated instance of immaturity driving you to a conclusion of total immaturity.
    what does this sentence mean?(especially isolated instance???)

    please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: take the other person's inventory?

    1 Can you give more context- it's hard to see what take means there- it could mean accept or physically take, etc.
    2 Not giving affection and behaving in a way that doesn't include the person
    3 It mean that the majority of the work required to reach a certain point is done
    4 Try to solve problems, talk over issues where you disagree and do things together that you haven't tried before
    5 Don't let one piece of immaturity lead you to the conclusion that the person is immature

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