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    Staff assessment reo

    Please help me improve the following staff assessment report. Thank you.

    Even though Ms Walsh and I worked in different offices and our contacts were mainly through telephone conversations and my occasional site visits, I was pretty impressed by her outstanding working attitude and aptitude.

    As a fairly inexperienced staff, having just joined this department since 7 August 2015, Ms. Walsh swiftly demonstrated her outstanding adaptability by working independently at the counter under little guidance and smoothly communicating with the customers and the people from different parties.

    As an effective and industrious staff, whenever Ms Walsh was assigned with different types of tasks, particularly the management of enquiries and complaints from the customers, she was able to handle these tasks attentively and patiently and more importantly, completed them with detailed reports timely and satisfactorily.

    Ms. Walsh was also a very keen learner, always showing great willingness to improve herself by asking for the advice of senior staff and proactively taking up additional duties and some clerical works such as data input. Indeed, her strong enthusiasm towards her job not only benefited herself, but also motivated other colleague to improve themselves to a certain extent. Likewise, as a helpful and outgoing person, Ms. Walsh maintained a very good relationship with her colleagues and the customers.
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    Re: Staff assessment reo

    "Pretty impressed" is rather wishy-washy. It doesn't fit with the adjectives you use later on (outstanding, keen, enthusiastic). I suggest you use either a stronger word (very, extremely) or just use "impressed".
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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