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  1. Extremely slow learner

    Angry difficult sentences

    Dear teachers,
    The following sentences have been boggling my mind for quite sometime.I COULD NOT figure out where the mistakes ( grammar ) were.Perhaps, the native speakers would enlighten me on this. Thanks in advance.

    1. The struggles of freedom for many nations in the past were not viewed as an attempt to seek independence, but to advocate the superficial nationalistic feeling that might bring a total disgrace to those countries.

    2. I would see you on a Tuesday . The word "Tuesday" is a
    special noun. I was taught that no article is needed if one
    refers to proper noun. Is this sentence correct ?

    3. Your decision to give a break to students is laudable
    and wise. It is extremely outlandish to soldier on with
    classes or lessons after the examination. In any global tertiary
    institution perpecstive, there must be a break after a major
    examination. It is therefore, absurd to advocate the notion
    of soldiering on classes without a respite in this particular

    4. I was not able to meet you earlier as I was away for a few
    days . Perhaps, we could meet during a June ( month )

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    Re: difficult sentences

    1 struggles for
    2 This sentence could be correct if talking about the past and repeated meetings that took place on Tuesdays. If talking about the future, it would again suggest that the meeting could be on any tuesday. However, it probably makes more sense without the article.
    3- The whole thing sounds artificial to me.
    4- How many meetings are there in June?

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