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    Cool My first question I'd like to get an answer

    Hi there! I'm a new user of this forum, and also a learner of the English language.
    I've started to translate some songs to my native language, and I'm facing a bit of troubles on the way to this.
    My question is about a part of lyrics I'll write now:
    Falling deep in the drums so many of styles
    Is one of the reasons a nig**** ran a hundred miles
    Cheating and out beating the crowd I kept seating
    But weak mother******* biting off and they kept eating
    Styles that kept them full of bull
    'Cause the vocals were local in nightclubs
    And not getting paid in full
    They got the nerve to cuss

    First of all, the lyrics aren't clean as you could've already marked. I changed these two words, and added stars to them.
    So, I understand those lyrics not at all, and would like to figure out what they exactly mean. Can anybody explain me what they mean by using synonyms? Thank you. For any further questions, in case I didn't write something really important, ask me, please. Hope you'll help me ;)

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    Re: My first question I'd like to get an answer

    Only someone familiar with the dialect they're written in could possibly make sense of those lyrics -- and I'm not too confident anyone can. I have a feeling nobody on this forum knows that dialect, but I could be wrong.
    I am not a teacher.

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    Re: My first question I'd like to get an answer

    It sounds like a criticism of others for using styles that weren't genuine- they were copying others and producing unauthentic music. However, I agree with GoesStation about the shortcomings of, like me, being an outsider looking in on the language.

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