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    What does "That's one" refer to?

    Hello, teachers!

    Would you read the following passage?

    Mary: Just a minute. Look at the American flag behind them.

    Jiro: I've seen it many times. It's really very nice, but ...

    Mary: But, look! It has only thirteen stars in a circle.

    Jiro: Maybe the artist made a mistake.

    Mary: No, no. It's the old American flag of 1776. There are thirteen stars and thirteen stripes. That's one for every colony that became the first thirteen states.

    One says: "one" refers to each star and each stripe.

    Another says: "one" refers to the "flag."

    I'd really like to hear your opinon(s) about this.

    Oh, by the way, what does "That" refer to originally?

    I'd be happy if you'd help me with this!!


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    Re: What does "That's one" refer to?

    Mary should have said, "That's one of each for every colony ..."
    'That' refers to "thirteen stars and thirteen stripes".
    Thirteen stars and thirteen stripes is one of each for every colony."

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