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    Heat of lust


    Can anybody help me with the bold text? The heat of lust seems strange in the context; as for whole fields .... pieces of the sky, I think it means the sky was seen in places among the dense and tall vegetation but I am asking to be on the safe side.

    „There, in a wild extravagance of stems, leaves and umbels, was the heat of lust, the fever of sap, the swarming of life, the ferment of growth and all the expansive menace of a vegetation that was aggravated, superheated, triumphant, gargantuan and hostile: flowers thicker than clusters of dates, stalks taller than palms; translucent fruits like swellings of luminous sap, as bright as gemstones or figures of jade; serpentine creepers coiling about the spindles of every corollas and petals, hangings like showers of stars; whole fields of papyrus-grass spattered with pieces of the sky; calyces of unfamiliar form and colour, some of a metallic rigidity, others round and white; marvellous lotus-buds like the eggs of ostriches, haloed with enormous leaves.“

    Narkiss, Jean Lorrain, 189?, translated by Olaf Stableford

    Thank you very much.
    Not a Teacher

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    Re: Heat of lust

    The author is anthropomorphizing plants, seeing their exuberant growth as if they were college kids on a Florida beach during spring break.
    I am not a teacher.

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    Re: Heat of lust

    not a teacher

    whole fields of papyrus-grass spattered with pieces of the sky

    I think your interpretation is right. The writer mentions how tall the growth is, so the quote describes how the sky can be glimpsed through fan-shaped leaves of the papyrus.

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