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Thread: Uses of to be

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    Uses of to be

    1.Ex-London mayor Boris Johnson has ruled himself out of the race to be the next Conservative leader and prime minister.
    2.Be sure to give your full name, phone number, and location. Be as detailed as possible.
    3.Do not worry be happy
    could someone please explain to me the uses of be and it's grammar in the above context, I do know the basics of be (states of being) from high school grammar. Thanks for reading the question and your help will be much appreciated

    Jignesh(Leeds UK)

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    Re: Uses of to be

    So, you probably know the conjugated forms, is/am/are. But sometimes we need to use the infinitive form.

    In the first example, the race is always followed by infinitive + to. For example, the race to win the trophy, the race to have the best seat.
    The second and third examples are both imperatives. This is the form used when you give someone instructions and is always the infinitive form. For example, sit down, stand up, turn left, be quiet.


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