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    Appraisal Report

    Please help me improve the following appraisal report. Many thanks.

    John has developed an experienced managerial staff, having worked at this clubhouse for nearly 4 years and become familiar with all the daily duties of the clubhouse, which considerably helps us provide quality services to the public. John is an industrious and effective staff with enormous potential, whenever the seniors ask him for the information and views about the clubhouse, he can swiftly provide them with accurate and detailed responses or reports about the cases and he is more than capable of completing all the assigned tasks on time with high quality. Moreover, he always shows his brilliant capability in handling the full set of bookings of various sports facilities, with consistent provision of clear and precise bookings records for the senior officials' checking and endorsement, which greatly enhances the effective management of our booking system.

    With good communication skills and leadership, John sensibly supervises various types of contracting staff at the clubhouse, particularly overseeing the outsourced cleaning workers handle the public's registration for using the facilities. Likewise, thanks to his close monitoring of several improvement works engineered by the Technical Division, those works can be completed timely and satisfactorily. In addition, John increasingly plays an important part in the administration of our clubhouse and handling a number of urgent and large projects, which convinces me that he has been ready to handle full set of duties at higher level in the near future.

    Composed and intelligence as he is, John is very good at liaising with the public, delivering verbal and written responses only after carefully assessing the situation and this professional attitude have become increasingly important, particularly in view of the ever-increasing demand from the public, together with the greater complexity of the cases. Also, because of his approachable personality and helpful manner, John maintains a very harmonic relationship with all the people working alongside him.

    Similarly, John is a wonderful team player, always showing his great enthusiasm towards making contributions to the clubhouse and even the build-up of team spirit in our company. He is always eager to shoulder extra tasks, like taking up the vacant duties at other departments of our company whenever there is a shortage of manpower there. As a highly self-motivated staff, John grasps every opportunity to strengthen himself as an all round managerial talent by actively takes part in different types of department-run training courses and always achieves great results in these courses.

    We are fortunate to have worked alongside an industrious, competent and dependable staff like John and hence we are exceptionally upset with his impending departure to another company next month and I trust that a massive loss of our clubhouse is absolutely a considerable gain of another company.

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    Re: Appraisal Report

    I wouldn't call a person a staff. You could call him a worker or an employee.

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