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    IELTS Passage Problems


    The paragraph is depicted in the attached file. The question asks first what is the best heading for this paragraph. The answer is "Why our sense of smell is not appreciated". Subsequently, there is a second question: "What is the writer doing in paragraph C". The answer is "Rejecting a common belief"

    After I saw the two answers, I think they contradict each other. Since the writer is trying to propose his idea that human noses are acute, and can recognize many types of smells. Do you think that the latter answer should be "making a proposal" instead?

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    Re: IELTS Passage Problems

    It's impossible to say whether the answer given for the "best heading" is right without knowing the other choices. It's certainly better than "How to name your dog", for example. I don't think the answer given is a good heading for that paragraph, but it might be the best of the choices.

    Similarly, there's no correct answer for your second question. The author is doing many things. It depends on what your choices are.
    I don't see those two answers as being contradictory though. Our sense of smell is not appreciated because of a common belief which is wrong - that the relative strength of an animal's sense of smell necessarily entails that our own sense of smell is insignificant.

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