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    relationship of parent & son

    To fill in a relationship of parent and a son in a school handbook, is the following sentences correct?

    1. Relationship: Father and son
    2. Relationship: Mother and son

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    Re: relationship of parent & son

    As long as you have been asked to write down the relationship of the "parent and the son" (in that order) then they're both fine. If they didn't specify the order, you could use "Mother/father and son" or "Son and mother/father". It might depend on the order that you were asked for the names in the first place.

    Name of student: John Smith
    Name of parent: James Smith
    Relationship: Son and father

    Name of parent: Julie Smith
    Name of student: John Smith
    Relationship: Mother and son

    The use of the word "parent" in those makes the "relationship" section somewhat redundant. It's clear that they are parent and son/son and parent. The relationship might need to be specified in something like a next-of-kin (emergency contact) question.

    Name of next-of-kin: Julie Smith
    Name of patient: John Smith
    Relationship to patient: Sister
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