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    a great moral educating / educator ? (audio)


    I couldn't understand the word that would fill the blank in the following sentence whic is said just after 03:55 in the audio whose link I'm pasting at the end of this post.

    Would you please help me?

    "Absolutely! Aristotle agrees that Poetry can be a great moral ___. In fact, he says he thinks that it is a better moral __ than History, because..."

    Is it "educating" or "educator"?

    Thank you!

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    Re: a great moral educating / educator ? (audio)

    Welcome to the forum, fabio.

    I haven't listened to the audio, but if it's a choice between those two words it can only be 'educator'.

    'Educating' wouldn't make sense.

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    Re: a great moral educating / educator ? (audio)

    I have listened to it and educator is the only word that fits, and the one she uses seconds later when reformulating. However, it does sound to me like educating- maybe she made a mistake and corrected herself just afterwards. This sort of mistake is not uncommon in speech.

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