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    Preposition together with "which"

    1.I lived in France for 2 months "during which time / during which / during" I was in vacation.

    2. The world war II, "during which / during which time" many people were killed, ended in 1945.

    When do we use "during which" and "during which time" ?

    3. He drove the motorbike "at which speed / at a speed which" no one had reached before.

    4. She called the doctor, "by which time / by the time when / by the time" they closed the hospital.

    There might be more than one correct answer in question 3 and 4, please explain to me in detail.

    What does "by which time" mean?

    I don't know much about using a preposition together with "which" . Please teach me as precisely as possible.
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    Re: Preposition together with "which"

    Almost all your sentences are incorrect because they do not end with a punctuation mark.

    Edit your post to fix those errors. While you're doing that, check the past tense of "drive" for sentence 3.
    Remember - if you don't use correct capitalisation, punctuation and spacing, anything you write will be incorrect.

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