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    what is "bootstrap tales"?

    Dear teachers,
    please read the following sentence:
    Racism still dogs my people. There are still communities in which crosses are burned on the lawns of black families who have the money and grit to move in.

    why did those extremists burn crosses to terrify blacks? in fact, in some movies, I saw that kind of scene, but I don't know the reason?

    another question:
    I have heard the immigrants' bootstrap tales.
    in this sentence, what does "bootstrap tales" mean? Is there any story about this phrase?

    please help,
    thanks a lot

  2. aliaa

    Re: what is "bootstrap tales"?

    "bootstrap tales" I think this idiom describes the immegrants who improve their way of living without authorities help or other people's help
    I hope I am right

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    Re: what is "bootstrap tales"?

    The burning cross is used to create terror and fear. The symbol originated with the Ku Klux Klan in 1915, but eventually other extemist groups used it as well. If a person of family finds a burning cross on their lawn, they know that they've been targeted by some sort of "hate group" and are very likely to be attacked again in some more severe way.

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    Re: what is "bootstrap tales"?

    In addition,

    bootstrap tales
    When you “pull yourself up by your bootstraps,” you succeed – on your own –despite limited resources. In The Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausenby Rudolph Erich Raspe, the baron tells a series of tales about his travels, including various impossible feats and daring escapes. 'Just when it looked like all was lost, he thought to pick himself up by his own bootstraps.' [Efron and Tibshirani (1993), p. 5].

    burning crosses
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